Ekiden Relay

The Ekiden Relay is hosted by the Ipswich Jaffa Club who have staged this event, the only one of its kind in the UK, for over 20 years. The race is run over marathon distance (26.2 miles) but as a relay between 6 members of the club. Unusually this race is open not only to running clubs, but to social teams and business teams as well.

The race takes places at Woodbridge School in Suffolk and with catering available it makes for a nice family day out.

Part of the success of this race is down to its charitable donations from the proceeds of the race each year.

The Ekiden relay is one of the main relay events that TRC takes part in each year and we are proud to always have good support for the event. If you’re interested in joining the Ekiden Relay team please contact us to let us know.