Manor Laps

Manor Laps is a weekly event which takes place every Friday evening at 6pm at the Manor Leisure Centre in Whittlesey. It is mainly aimed at encouraging children to participate in running in a friendly and safe environment, with the children running a variety of timed runs of between 4 laps and 1 lap on the grass. Since one lap is 500m, this makes the longest run 2kilometres.

Senior runners are encouraged to participate as they then become mobile marshals keeping an eye on the children to ensure they are safe from any dog walkers with dogs, The children are very competitive and currently the best children are running 2k in less than 8 minutes. But all ages and abilities are welcome and children do not need to be members to participate.

Each session finishes with relay races and cakes.

The sessions are all free to members and non-members. The number of runners varies each week, so far in 2018, the numbers have fluctuated between 15 and 35.