Our membership year runs from April to March and our fees comprise of affiliation to UK Athletics and a small club membership fee. Fees are payable for a full year, irrespective of which point of the year you join.

2018 Annual Subscriptions:-

Adult Competitor £23.00 by Direct Debit
Price (Includes UKA fee of £15.00 for single competition license)

Family Competitor £41.00 Price by Direct Debit
(Includes UKA fees £30.00 for two competition licenses)

Juniors £5.00 Price by Direct Debitort
(does not include UKA fees)

Adult Social £5.00 by Direct Debit
(Non competing single adult, does not include UKA fee)

Family Social £7.00 by Direct Debit
(up to 2 non competing adult plus Juniors)

Click here  to join up online and fill out your details and select the membership you require. You will then be emailed details on how to apply for the direct debit payment.  Once this has been completed your login details for the website will be emailed once the payment has been processed.