Thorney Running Club Sessions are currently being held in Whittlesey these sessions both last about a hour.

We meet every Monday at the Manor Leisure Centre at 7pm, and there are lots of groups going out at different paces and distances. As we have a Couch to 5km group every May-July we have a number of beginners who are currently doing a 5km loop from the Manor at about 12 min/mile, though some are much quicker. We have some ladies you are run/walking and anyone recovering from injuries often accompanies them. We never let anyone go out alone! Then others do 5 miles at various speeds, some 10mins/mile and less. Then others do 7/8 miles faster. All get back to the Manor at about 8pm.

We also train on Wednesdays, again at 7pm from the Manor. Less come to that session, but we are currently organising a training rota which will be published soon, so watch this space. Richard and I are newly qualified coaches, so we are finding out feet, but have some fun sessions planned for these Wednesday sessions.